Friday, April 17, 2009

I wish I could say

It's been a better night/day...but it hasn't

That Lillian slept all night but she was awake ALL night

That she is not sitting in her bed crying bc I left the room bc I'm hungry, tired, and just need to be free of the room

That her vomiting has stopped, but it hasn't

That McDonalds was the best food in the world.

That I was strong and should just be positive instead of so broken down

What I can say? Her cough is some better.

I'm going home for the night while Matt takes over here one night.


  1. What do you mean that Riley McDs isn't the best food in the world?
    Doesn't the glass elevator make you happy?
    I'm totally being sarcastic!
    So glad you're getting a night at home!

  2. Hope all of you get a better night's sleep! Praying!!! Hugs!!

  3. Hey friend, I'm back in the blogging world full-time. I have been praying so much for you and Miss Lil lately. Good thing it is not possible to pray yourself to death!! ;)

    I will keep praying. I hope things do get better soon.