Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Lillian

Dear Sweet Girl,

I'm sitting at home with your sisters while Daddy has a visit with you at the hospital. I thought being home would bring me more rest, but alas it did not, but that's ok. I hope if you someday understand my words and wonder why I always say I'm tired you'll never feel bad. I wouldn't trade any moment of this journey with you for any amount of sleep in the world. Your precious life has brought me to places in my life that I never imagined. Joy, thanksgiving, trust, and faith. Though the valley's of your life will be memorable, the mountains will always be the best. One little squeeze from your tiny arms makes every moment of my weariness disappear. Nothing could ever make me tired of being with you or caring for you. I love you so much which reminds me of how much our Father must love us. You are a constant reminder to me of His promises, His life, and His love. I love you so much. Mommy


  1. That was beautiful. As is all the poetry on your sidebar. I am so glad you are able to keep things in perspective the way you do. Lillian is gorgeous and is SOOO worth it all.

    I love Miss Lil's trademark full-face smile. So awesome!!

    I hope your days and nights get better,


  2. What a wonderful message, even amidst your trying time! Very insightful!

    Lillian has such a beautiful smile and even when she isn't feeling well?! Hang in there Momma and sweet girl!

  3. What a beautiful letter. Lil is such a cutie girl. She has such a great smile.

    I hope the medicine starts kicking in soon.