Sunday, April 12, 2009

More influenza

Lillian has tested positive for parainfluenza type 3. She had a HORR-IBLE night full of 104 degree temps and vomiting and now diarrhea. They are starting her on IV anitbiotics for her ears as they are pussey as ever. She was not able to tolerate her first feeding today, so back to pedialyte we go. Her trend is usually to look good and then tank after about two days, so that is what I'm hoping doesn't happen, BUT as this virus takes hold of her, I will not be surprised if she does. Her sats bounce around from 97 down to 92. We are a hop skip and jump away from O2. She is mighty unhappy as well. That's the story as I know it for now. Good old respiratory virus AGAIN.

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  1. Ick - man....poor thing can't get past one good week....are at Riley or here in town?
    Happy Easter?!!!