Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Vomiting

Lillian is still puking off and on with her feedings which is quite discouraging, but she is still in a great mood. I believe her ears need to be debrieded (sp) as they were last year. They went in and suctioned out the tubes (which was terribly unpleasant) but it made some difference. I believe that is why the puking lingers on.

I went back through re-reading some posts talking about what I miss, I hope it is a given that I miss my family terribly when I'm gone, though I don't always mention it. I wonder how my girls are doing, if they are coping with all this ok. Kids take things so easily in stride, it's difficult to tell how they process everything internally. Generally, I try not to think about not having my husband and kids around everyday as we wait it out at Hotel Riley. Just another issue that goes with the territory.

Today we managed to all go out for lunch which is a major feat. It is rare for us to do such a thing and it turned out very ejoyable. The weather is lovely and Lillian has been outside off and on all day. She loves to pick the flowers and smell them and make us smell them. Yesterday her nostrils were all yellow from sniffing dandelions. Photo op missed...but it was adorable.

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day!

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  1. That was nice you guys were able to enjoy lunch out together. Hopefully Lil's vomiting stops soon.

    The poem in the post below is beautiful.