Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hacking Cough part 2

So, last night was atrocious. Lillian did not get any rest nor did I and I also found out that she was NOT getting every four hour treatments. HELLOOOO? In what land are we in? So, someone changed the order, didn't tell me and now she is in misery. Yesterday was rocky waters and it continued into the night and has flowed into today. For a brief moment this morning, I thought my next post might have come from the local jail....I guess they would arrest me had I smacked that doctor silly this morning. When I was expressing my concern about the treatment her response was "that's no big deal" Perhaps not the right word-age for the very concerned very sleep deprived Mother. Remember that cartoon about the weed and the flower? That's all I'm saying. So, no sleep for me, no rest for her, my throat is sore and oh yeah, she's back to almost a 102 temp. Her treatments have now been changed to every three hours at my insistance and it would be nice if she could keep her food down, but who could when you are hacking out a lung?


  1. I don't blame you for being angry...
    Try to get some sleep tonight and maybe it will look better tomorrow, says the woman sleeping in her bed at home with no sick child....I will keep praying for all of you! And if you have to smack the MD, maybe he will listen next time!

  2. Good for you for demanding treatment for your daughter. What is up with this hospital! Crazy! Tell them you will go "Shirley Maclaine" on them next time.

    No big deal! Where is the sensitivity! Tell her to watch the movie "The Doctor" with William Hurt. I don't blame you for being mad. This is your child and they are screwing around with her. I am pissed.

  3. Don't ever mess with a tired and worried Momma!!! Momma Bear will come out and attack in a hurry! Keep growlin' Momma Bear! Your little cub needs you!

  4. Oh no! I hope it wasn't a doc I know! I will be really disappointed if it was!
    Praying for you!