Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to my journey

I created this blog as a take off from Lillian's other web site. Follow her medical journey, her unfolding life, and God's unending love for His children. We never expected the way life would unfold for Lillian or for us when we were blessed to know we were having her. I created this journal initially in hopes of keeping family and friends informed about her progress. I also hoped our faith in God and the hope we have in Him would shine through this experience and be a witness to others. I've been blessed through blogger to meet other special needs Mom's and maybe this is a chance to reach out to someone else in the same situation. I invite you to join us on this walk, laugh with us, cry with us, pray with us as we continue down this unknown path God has placed before us.


  1. Very cool! I love the title too. I feel like I'm walking right alongside you guys in this journey! :)