Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Albuterol


I thought in my twisted mind we might have said goodbye to you.  In fact, we have had to reinstate you to the family.  And not just for a quick trist...nay I say with more and more frequency.  Could we get by with just once a day??  No, we manage with morning and night?  I think not.  Back to sometimes every four hours??  Say it isn't so.  I guess I shall thank you for your readiness and ability to heal a cough...BUT, can we make this reinstatement brief?  I shudder at the thought you may linger for an indefinite time.  

Yours Truly, Michelle


  1. Keep your chin up momma! From Julie

  2. My son has out grown his asthma in the last year but I remember the days of watching him struggle on his nebulizer, even in an oxygen tent a time or two, and of course the ready inhaler.
    I am sorry the inhaler is making another appearance in your life. I can't imagine going back there. You are strong momma!

  3. You are not alone!!! Each time I put the nebulizer back in the closet because I think A is getting better, the croupy asthma cough reappears...ugh. I hear and feel your frustration on this issue!

  4. I don’t know what it feels like my heart goes out to you all. Thanks go to God for making your ladies and your family strong. I will keep you and the other ladies in my prayers. AJ