Friday, November 25, 2011

My Lucky Number

Five has always been my "lucky" number. Not sure why, but it has. Ironically, I have five children. All girls. All of which have changed me and made me who I am today. Specifically, my fifth daughter has probably made the most impact in my relationship with the Lord. I have been a believer since I was five years old. (funny, hadn't realized that significant five until just now) the same age my sweet girl is as of yesterday. We had a little party today. Smaller than originally planned because of her recent surgery and her upcoming one. I had visions of her little school mates and LOTS of friends who have traveled along this journey with Lillian. But, as time got closer and the surgery had its kinks and I started thinking of the germ factor....the party became a small gathering of some grown up friends and family. Mere words cannot express my joy in today's activities. Even as I stood making snack foods for the "party" I was struck by how blessed I was to be making them for the very event we were celebrating. I find myself thankful in even the most mundane tasks simply because I'm so aware of the gift of her presence. I'm so thankful for each year....each moment of her life and the life I have with her and all my family. Life could be so different and even in the midst of all the struggle....I'm so blessed beyond words. Enjoy a peak into our FIFTH celebration!!


  1. Wow, the big 5! That's something to celebrate! Happy birthday Lillian!

  2. Happy Birthday Lillian!!! I love the school bus cake! I hope it was a great day for all.

    Lots of love,


  3. Happy 5th Birthday Lillian! Love your bus cake! Hope you had a great day sweet girl!

    My favorite number is 5 as well! I don't know why, but it always has been. : ) I thought about you lots over the holiday weekend.....we were traveling through Indiana to visit my family in Evansville. One of these days we have to find time to get together when we are driving through your state! Hugs!