Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonsils shaved out...POD 1

Lillian had a brutal night.  She coughed and coughed hard all night long.  She slept very little.  I think she is just too afraid to rest.  She is currently sort of sleeping, but her sats are hanging below 90, so they put on a little O2.  Been a long little while since Momma had to worry about sats.  She had several episodes of vomiting mostly related to the violent cough, but some not, so they gave her some zofran.  I think that's the only reason she is sort of sleeping now.  Something I find very strange, she is very disturbed by the sight of her IV in her foot.  I hate when they come in and flush it bc she just has a cow.  It looks to be in fine condition, but she  freaks out.  I need about 10 extra hours of sleep and auto pilot on my van so I can make the drive home, assuming they let us leave.  I have a bad creeping feeling about the oxygen need at the moment though.  I thought we already had discharge orders probably waiting for us, but notsomuch.  I guess we will see her DR after all.  I'm tired and feeling the overwhelming desire to have a big ole cry, but am holding back the tears bc I don't want to look like a crazy person if someone comes in. 


  1. Oh what a time you and Lillian are having. I am so sorry and she will be in my thoughts. I hope she recovers quickly and they let you home. Lots of love. <3


  2. Was hoping for an update. Hopefully you are both resting at home tonight. <3