Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tonsils out POD 2

Lillian is not having a good day AT ALL.  She woke up this morning with a temp and immediate gaggin and wretching.  She actually slept through the night without pain medicine. ( her MOTY lost the battle of staying awake 20 minutes before the dose was due and didn't wake again until 5 which is when I gave her the dose she was supposed to have at 1230 *sucks in breath*) Anyway, I thought perhaps missing the pain meds caused the problem...BUT...when I started her feeding at 11, she seems to be ok until about 1130 when she became a vomit volcano.  Not pretty.  She pretty much emptied her plan B, I call my dear friend, Nancy, and ask her to bring us some pedialyte.  We get the pedialyte, I cut her rate in half and start again.  She dozes off and I think, ok, this is good...112cc's later, I run down to make a sandwich and return to Lillian puking her pedialyte, which continued on for 20 minutes. Plan C... Several phone calls later, her pediatrician has ordered her some zofran and changed her pain med to tylenol with codeine.  It's three oclock here, she's gotten a dose a zofran and in 20 minutes I will give her the tylenol 3 and start up some more pedialyte at a very slow drip.  She is not even wanting to drink now, which is bothersome, considering the throat really needs to stay moist or it will crack and bleed.  Her hydration is way down and I'm trying not to panick.  There is absolutely nothing routine when it comes to this poor girl.  POD 2, midday, pretty craptastic at this point.

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  1. Hi Michelle...

    Thank you for dropping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. You may not realise but your continued faith in the most difficult of circumstances is a real testimony and encouragement to myself (and I'm sure to many more who read your blog and know you). If ever I can think of anyone who comes close to Job regarding faithfulness in difficult and trying circumstances, it is you Michelle.

    I have had a difficult and trying past week and have experienced deep spiritual oppression. The message gained as a result of studying for the SSIC challenge was one which I too needed to hear (particularly not trusting in feelings).

    Michelle, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and prau that Lillian receives some respite from her illness in the coming days.

    God bless you all.

    Wendy xx