Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There really is no place like home

Lillian is sleeping peacefully by my side.  She is so happy to be home.  We got home, Daddy took over, and I went for a nap.  Course I woke up feeling pretty rough, but it's amazing what your own bed and a couple tylenol later can do for you.  After a shaky, long, 24 hours, I'm feeling pretty good about how she's doing.  I worry a little about her sats dropping tonight, but hopefully all will be well.  She looks so peaceful right now.  So grateful and relieved to have this done.  I know we have to be watchful the next few days, but I am AMAZED at how well she handles it all.  We are keeping her medicated around the clock just to be on the safe side.  She is quick to grumpiness, but overall doing well.  I know it is awful to say, but I dread going through this all over again in a little over a month.  She's older now and so much more aware of all that is going on.  I think she is afraid to rest unless she's here in her environment.  THANK YOU ALL so much for your support and prayers.  I kept thinking to myself how I wished someone would just show up with a meal for us so it would be one less thing to worry about, and guess what?  I get a text as we are leaving the hospital, a dear friend had a meal in the crock pot for us.  See, He is already ahead of me!! It is awesome to see God work and know prayers are being said.   Last night and this morning were so awful and I was a mess.  I laid down and decided I was just going to bawl and I just began to feel a peace about me, I felt the Holy Spirit at work in my soul.  Bringing me comfort.  I watched Lillian began to rebound her sats and finally sleep some.  God is good and ever present.  Thank you Jesus.

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