Monday, December 5, 2011

Dr Lungs update

 Poor little girl don't have no toys....
 She has to play with her formula boxes...
Even makes a sidewalk...pretty cute with her baby, right? She's a queen on her throne! Ha!

I took these pictures over the summer and thought I'd lost them, but turns out they were just not saved to my SD card. Hello.
Dr Lungs wants us to do percussion twice a day.  Not only twice a day for fifteen minutes but with her lying down head on a decline.  Should be interesting. No?  He put her on Bactrim once a month for prophylaxis during the winter months.  We are also going to take a course of levoquin starting tomorrow because my pharmacy doesn't have a drive in and it is N-A-S-T-Y outside today.  Raining, cold, and WINDY.  The drive down there and back was intense.  Just trying to keep my vehicle on the road from the gusts and not hydroplaning was a trip.  Had a big old headache by the time we got there.  Thank the Lord for keeping us safe.  There was quite a wreck on the south bound side when I was northbound.  UGH.  God bless my neighbor who got Madeline off the bus, let me park in her driveway because mine is flooded ankle deep all the way across, and also gave me two cans of kidney beans for dinner so I didn't have to go schlep back out in the nasty weather.

Tried to take a bath a bit ago and nothing will bring you out of a tub quicker than the sound of a sickening thud thud thud and oldest child screaming out "OH NO OH NO"  10 years off my life...seriously.  Lillian took a tumble down the basement stairs where Bethany saved her from hitting the concrete...but 6 steps tumbling nonetheless.  What a day.

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  1. Oh Michelle! I had a hard attack at the end with you. I am glad Lillian was saved! Sounds like you all have a lot of word ahead of you. Your neighbors sounds amazing. I hope tomorrow is, if nothing else, less stressful than today. <3