Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My view

Her facial swelling is down some.  So far, she got a dose of T3 at 10.  Hoping that will stay down and give her some relief.  Her breathing sounds terrible, although it's not her lungs, it just the drainage and change in what they've done to her palate.  Her night was brutal.  I think I slept maybe 3 broken hours?  I don't know.  At 430 I hit the wall.  I kept thinking what a nice night we had before all this.  She just didn't look normal in the eyes AT ALL until just a little while ago. I found myself not knowing what the best thing to do would be.  Her nurse last night was great.  She got Lillian as her patient at 11.  I told her I bet she was glad to have gotten sick patient and unstable parent duo.  She just patted me on the back and tried to give me some comfort.   She spent most of the early night hours dropping sats down into the 70's.  They tried blow/by oxygen and that didn't help so they put her on nasal cannula about 2.  Her cough is so yucky.  This has been the culprit of the nighttime vomit volcanoes.  Today, notsomuch.  She is just puking because there is so much blood in her gut.  The Dr said the surgery itself went planned but he knew her enough to remember it would not be an easy recovery, which unfortunately is proving to be true.  She took a couple sips of sprite after the last pukefest and has been in and out of a doped up sleep.  She is breaking into sweat cyclically, routinely drenching her hair and pillow.  I can't remember the last time I was so troubled by the sound of her labored breathing.  At least we KNOW it's not a lung issue. 

On the upside, the pleather cave window bed is not terribly cold as long as I get the blanket all around me.  Although, I almost kilt myself jumping up to get to her when my feet got tangled in said blanket. 


  1. Oh Michelle, I am praying for you today. I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling. I know God is holding you both in His hands.


  2. "Pleather cave window bed".....I'm sorry, but after reading this post, albeit sad and worrisome and frustruating.....those words left me cracking up! You still have your humor, even amongst the difficult! But, oh how I don't miss those sleeping arrangements!

    Praying you don't have to spend many more nights on your pleather bed! You poor woman! Thinking of you and praying tons! Big Hugs!!!

  3. Poor baby! Hopefully she feels better soon. I hate that everything has to be so much harder on our kiddo's. They are such warriors!