Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We like shoes, you like shoes?

 Are these things cute or what?
 Look at his little happy face!
Modeling her shoes!!  Almost too ashamed to post this picture bc of the mess in the background.  I guess if you didn't notice it before I've pointed it out now.HA!  I had to take this pic five times to get her to stand still.  LOL
She brought all these home today from school with a letter saying a local business donated them.  Can't imagine how many they had since  Lillian got three pair.  Pretty cool! Course, it probably helps that she has teeny tiny feet.  :)  What a nice blessing for us!!


  1. So adorable! I want the penguin ones!! My son would most certainly disown me.

    Love seeing Lillian's smile and her happy feet!


  2. The little girl I babysit has a pair of the purple ones. They crack me up! :)

  3. I don't know how many times I've looked at pictures and said, I am not posting this, look at that mess! Ha, but I think every mom knows their house looks the same!