Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not AS bad

Lillian's nighttime breathing seems to be getting better, she kind of fluctuates from really hard, sucking breaths, to normal sort of snoring.   I feel like I'm awake every hour because she is so restless or needs readjusted if for no other reason than to just induce a cough to clear some drainage.  It is my prayer that the inflammation is still there but improving each day.  (I just rearranged her and she sounds awful....crikey) She tires easily and we find her just sitting quietly from time to time.  She SO enjoyed opening gifts this year.  She hears the word present and she gets super excited.  She raises her hand and waves and vocalizes me me me.  When we went to Grandma's she even asked her Daddy to open his presents and he let her of course.  She loved doing it even knowing it wasn't going to be something for her.  I think her favorite gift may have been the "hair styling" accessories and her new mini chuck trucks.  Friends, she LOVES those little chuck trucks.  That being said, she has greatly enjoyed blow-drying our hair, her hair, her bald babies' hair....and anyone who will let her "dry" their hair.
 A friend of ours from church gave us some clothes for her and this vest she's wearing was in it along with lots of other adorable items and she just LOVES the vests.  Cracks me up.

I still feel like I'm trying to get back to a normal functioning schedule...HA..now is that a funny sentence or what?  Going to try to enjoy these days off with the kids home from school and treasure our moments together. 

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  1. I am in love with the pink vest (a girl after my own heart), but that smile is amazing! I'm glad to hear she had a great holiday. When they smile all is well in the world.
    Lots of love always. <3