Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pharyngeal Flap 24hours later-

Notice she has her little leg crossed...
Lillian has been sleeping for a couple hours, since her three oclock feeding and dose of T3.  Interestingly enough, she seems to be mumbling and gesturing in her sleep a bit.  Her stats are hanging in the mid-high 80's low 90's, especially while she's sleeping. 
Todays points of interest:

1. No puking as of 10am.
2.  Still having fevers
3. Still needs O2
4.  Her eyes look a bit more normal now. 
5.  She has smiled on request twice
6. My chair broke as I sat down to read to her and I twisted my back, took the fall on my elbow, and lost my dignity for the rest of the day.
7.  Former patient families stopped by with very generous gift bag and slice of some tasty pizza (she has yet to waken to see gift)
8.  Hoofed it over to Norton Cafeteria, as there is only a Mcdonalds in Kosair....Guess what?  They have fountain MT DEW!!!  WAHOOOO...
9.  Got a 45 minute nap at 3....double wahooo!
10.  Realizing my positive "we are coming home next day" attitude, should have packed a hair dryer and bathroom needs beyond my toothbrush. 

I am really  hoping she perks up tomorrow or even tonight.  She cries when I move her. 

Bethany is attending her first winter formal tonight and Matt has arranged for the girls to stay with someone tonight so he can go to work tomorrow.  Isabelle is balking not to go.  Nothing like having your heart torn between two places.


  1. Oh Michelle, I wish I could loan you my heart so you could have two. I hope Lillian recovers quickly and you get to return home soon. Sending love your way! <3 Holly

  2. Hey MIchelle, its Victoria (from church, angels mom lol) anywhoo goodness I hope Lillian feels better soon our family has contuiously prayed for your family and continue to do so, If you need me to keep Maddy or any of your girls let me know! (5283373) feel free to call, also if you need anything and I mean anything let us know! We love you guys! :0)

  3. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. Even more today, I pray you all are home in time to enjoy Christmas together. I can't help but think Lillian is lucky to have a Mommy like you. I'm proud to call you my friend. God bless your family and Merry Christmas!!!
    Kelli Hacker