Friday, December 16, 2011

Queen Lillian

 I am whooped or wrapped or whatever you want to call it.  Almost everyday, I bring down this back rest pillow for Lillian at her request. Today she requested her blanket too.  Sheesh.  I get her all set up on the couch.  Go sit in the dining room.  Five seconds later....
Her highness "requests" moving over to the loveseat.  To lessen the chances of a pulled out gtube, I go and mover her to her other couch throne.  I am a sucker. I think. Look at that grin. All in a day as the Queen's subject.


  1. She is so sweet!! Anything for your baby and she is so deserving.

  2. Oh I am such a sucker for Arina! I actually showed her the cute Disney princess's she's getting for Christmas last night because I couldn't stand it any longer!

  3. How can you resist! Such a cutie.