Wednesday, November 11, 2015

25 Days of Lillian (day 11) She celebrates EVERY thing

Lillian gets very excited about things you wouldn't expect.  When she watches Team Umizoomi and she gets an answer right, she cheers.  I mean, cheers, she yells, throws her arm in the air and whoever is around must be available for a high five.  ( i cheer too when she gets educational stuff right!)

 Buy her some mini pepperonis in the store and there is a celebration in the aisle that draws attention.

She gets excited when we talk about going to Grandma's houses.  She starts cheering when we get close to their homes because she recognizes that we are almost there.(it's always amazed us that she recognized landmarks at such an early age)

Her sheer joy is infectious. Not just to me or our family.  For some reason, I don't know why, she absolutely loves Menards and Home Depot.  Strange, I know.  We were going into Home Depot the other day and she was just giggling with was just bursting forth from her tiny body.  There was a greeter at the door and he was smiling from ear to ear.  He handed them suckers and he looked at me, with the biggest grin and said, "boy, I've never seen someone so happy to be at home depot..." and then he said, "a kid, I've never seen a small child be so happy to be here".   Just looking at his face hugged my heart.  My daughter poured her joy out on him and you could tell it changed his day.  I told him I didn't know exactly why she loved it..but she does.  When she sees the Menards building from the parking lot she goes berserk cheering with excitment.  ( now the challenges we face in the store can cause the total opposite affect.  Heaven forbid we run into a fork lift moving something,because then she's freaking out.  the loud beeping and all...)

She is absolutely full of love and joy and I daresay everyone that gets to know her falls in love with her.  How could they not?Listen, you can't be around her tiny, little self and not have some of that rub off on you.  AND, as her mother, when I see someone take time to sit and play with her and enjoy her, it fills me with love and joy too.

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  1. She likes home Depot b/c orange is their primary color or home Depot is her fave store b/c orange is her fave color