Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25 Days of Lillian (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLIAN) Day 25

Happy Birthday to Lillian.  I hope you've enjoyed these "25 Days of Lillian posts".

I wanted to do a little photo montage of her each year on her birthday, alas, it's taking me way too long to find pictures, which is pitiful considering the digital age we live in.  Anywho...

She enjoyed coming down to her peppa pig decorations.  There were tiny gasps and giggles as she saw each thing. (thanks again friend!)

Tonight we will celebrate by going to Taco Bell as that is what the princess has requested.

It has been made known to me, my sneaky daughters took it upon themselves to plan a birthday party for her on Sunday afternoon and while we are way to busy with other things, we will pause and take the time to gather with a few friends and family to really celebrate her.

Thank you again for the cards and gifts arriving by mail, Lillian has enjoyed that immensely and truth be told, we all have.

I cherish each of my children, but that goes to a whole new level when you face losing one.  We will celebrate and be grateful because you just never know what tomorrow holds.

Happy ninth birthday, my angel.  I love you more than my heart can tell.

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