Tuesday, November 3, 2015

25 Days of Lillian (day 3)

This girl...she's so funny...and sweet...and loving.  Many times I share the difficulties of her being delayed or not age appropriate.  It doesn't strike me so much until I'm around a child her age and the delay is very profound. BUT...let me share a more age appropriate story with you...

I needed a few, specific items from Walmart and I thought I could manage to run in and grab them with the two of them.  (the littles I call them).  As soon as we got in the store, she "nee foo".  Which means she wants to look at the toy food.  So, I think, a quick trip through the toys and I can get what I need after and everyone is happy.  Note, we do not buy toy food at walmart as it is pretty junky.  She knows that, we go through it every time we go.  She looks at everything and I decide it is time to move on.  We get back to the craft section and she slouches her shoulders and starts telling me "I boor" translation, "I"m bored".  Followed by, "thi booin" translation "this is boring".  SO, through the rest of the store, all I hear is big sighs followed by "i boor" and "thi booin"

All I could think was, well this is great followed by wow, this is so age appropriate.  That in turn allows me to not be annoyed and slightly entertained.

Side note to this story, what wasn't so entertaining...her little brother had gotten spooked in the store and between her "bein boor" he was crying pitifully and saying "i rea-eee" "no" "no" "no" " i rea--eey"

Did not get all my specified items in walmart that day.  Just sayin'.

And this is what I get when she is making cute poses and I ask her to take a picture...not cute poses.. But oh so age appropriate I'm thinking...

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